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social media tree by geralt at pixabayIf you enjoy these posts (what few there are, though I’m working on more), you may want to join Jodi’s and/or CH’s social media pages.

There is Google+, TSU, and Twitter.  Twitter I just set up yesterday, so the fresh glue smell is still there, and it lacks a coat of paint.

I tend to (or make that intend to) share shorter updates and interesting links there beyond sharing the blog posts.


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NanoWriMo 2015: NanoWriMo Kit

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my writing kit for nanowrimo 2015 preparation
Step one to prepare for NanoWriMo 2015? Get sparkly!

Though not the best picture, that is my brand-new, sparkly NanoWriMo 2015 Kit.  Why?

I read somewhere that ADD/ADHD people need things like tokens or the like when they finish tasks.  It is a reward and a visual or tactile signal that whatever was worked on is done.  I know it works well for me.

That is why my kit (see pic #2) includes a lot of creative miscellany.  Stickers are my big go-to.  They include special ones for milestones (each week finished, each 10,000 words completed beyond 50,000, special accomplishments, etc.).  I have special pens that are supposed to smell good and look pretty to record my progress.  I bought tracker notebook to put all that in (I love notebooks, especially tiny ones.  I even bought a couple special ones, not included in sparkly fun pack, for jotting notes just for this project).   There are sticky notes to write encouraging notes to myself.  nanowrimmo 2015 writing kit goodiesAnd last but not least, I have blank name tags.  I intend to put myself on display by writing something like “NANO DAY 1 2000 WORDS” and sticking it to my shirt.  In a nutshell, I intend to make Nano sparkle this year!  In hopes I will get through the 50k minimum.

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Walker Universe: New Fantasy Work-in-Progress

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walker universe book one snippet picture eye by Bonnybbx My current work-in-progress is a four-book adventure-fantasy series, Walker Universe.  The first is as of yet untitled, but here is a rough snippet from it.

My sometimes-wife had the knack for finding me while I was in the bare. It was how we met, how she left me when she was done with me, and how she found me currently knee deep in Teardrop Pool at this House of Health. She, of course, was fully clothed all of those time—and this time? A black, sheer dress draped over a golden breast-band and loincloth. The gold kohl around her eyes was thicker than strings that held the pieces in place over her best curves. She was dressed to impress, in other words. Dressed for trouble.

It didn’t help any that she was carrying my bundle of clothes. Clothes I had left with the attendant to purify. Ketesha did not offer them up as she stopped before me. Instead her gaze raked me over me, lingering on the silver, healing waters, then ascending somewhat higher as she tutted.

“Such is a pity.” She stroked my clothing with long, gold nails. “Truly.”

“Ketesha-Uret.” I stepped out of the pool and made a grab for my stuff. She pulled away with a smile.

“Ketesha-Uret is so . . . ”   She cradled my clothing like a pet cat. “So formal, my love, for our relationship.”

“Where’s the attendant, Ketesha? What are you doing with my clothes?”

“I sent her away, so we could . . . talk. But I suppose that can wait until your prescribed time is finished here.” Her gilded lips narrowed in a pout, and she shook her head. Her black hair was pinned up, so the long golden earrings—all four of them—snaked and bounced against the column her throat.

I kept my gaze there, and while my mouth slackened and a golden smile blossomed, I snatched the clothing and retreated a step, triumphant.

The days of being hypnotized by her beauty and grace and her attentions were long over.

She, of course, was never off balance. Like a cat tossed over a balcony, she always found her feet.

She dusted off her arms, turning the gesture into a caress. “Beware strange women, my Pheteh. That is how you got into this mess.”

Beware the woman you know, in Ketesha’s case. Well, let her keep her supposition. Taking the waters had just saved me from goadings about matrimonial vows and my remissness of late. Vows I had never quite figured out were legal, fictive, or some singular combination of both. My only regret would be that the word would get back to her sister.

(c) Jodi Ralston


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